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Personal Injury Attorneys in Fairfield, OH

As personal injury lawyers in Northern Cincinnati, we know most people are not familiar with the normal procedure of handling and evaluating a personal injury case. You probably have a lot of questions about the procedures that will be followed, the time involved in settling or litigating your claim, your role in the case, the method of evaluation of your case, and the chances of winning your personal injury case in northern Cincinnati.

A personal injury claim in our legal system has a value, which is based primarily upon the following factors:

  • – The liability or fault of the other party or parties for causing the accident.
  • – The degree of your liability or fault for causing the accident.
  • – The amount of medical bills.
  • – The amount of lost work time.
  • – The nature, extent and permanency of your injuries which can be shown to be caused by the accident.

In order to establish and determine the value of your claim, our personal injury lawyers work toward gathering the facts, bills and records to establish the above factors. Your help and cooperation in gathering and documenting these factors are absolutely essential for the complete success of your claim.

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